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Sorry i'm abit of a noob I just want to know how i get this javascript to run every second?

source code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
    //More Button
    $('.more').live("click",function()  {
        var ID = $(this).attr("id");
        if(ID) {
            $("#more"+ID).html('<img src="moreajax.gif" />');

                type: "POST",
                url: "ajax_more.php",
                data: "lastmsg="+ ID, 
                cache: false,
                success: function(html){
        } else {
            $(".morebox").html('no posts to display');

        return false;


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Use setInterval() to run a piece of code every x milliseconds.

You can wrap the code you want to run every second in a function called runFunction.

So it would be:

var t=setInterval(runFunction,1000);

And to stop it, you can run:

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setTimeout(runFunction,1000) please. Don't pass strings. And it won't execute the code every second (at least there s something missing). – Felix Kling Apr 12 '11 at 16:48
or setInterval() – yoavmatchulsky Apr 12 '11 at 16:48
clean up: var t=setInterval(mainLoop,1000); $( window ).unload(function() { clearInterval(t); console.log("Handler for .unload() called."); return ""; }); – hannunehg Jun 1 at 16:38

Use setInterval:

setInterval(oneSecondFunction, 1000);

function oneSecondFunction() {
// stuff you want to do every second

Here's an article on the difference between setTimeout and setInterval. Both will provide the functionality you need, they just require different implementations.

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This will run func after 1000 milliseconds. So at the end of func you can call window.setTimeout again to go in a loop of 1 sec. You just need to define a terminate condition.


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You can use setInterval:

var timer = setInterval( myFunction, 1000);

Just declare your function as myFunction or some other name, and then don't bind it to $('.more')'s live event.

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You can use setTimeout to run the function/command once or setInterval to run the function/command at specified intervals.

var a = setTimeout("alert('run just one time')",500);
var b = setInterval("alert('run each 3 seconds')",3000);

//To abort the interval you can use this:
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Use setInterval(func, delay) to run the func every delay milliseconds.

setTimeout() runs your function once after delay milliseconds -- it does not run it repeatedly. A common strategy is to run your code with setTimeout and call setTimeout again at the end of your code.

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