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I'm trying to put an icon bigger than the default 16x16 in the accordion header. I do this by using the following code:

.ui-accordion-header.user .ui-icon {
background: url(../../Content/Images/User.gif);
height: 32px;
width: 32px;


The problem is the bottom of the icon is cut off and is not centered. Is there something I'm missing or do I need to go in and override some of the CSS defaults.

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I think you need

.ui-accordion .ui-accordion-header { height: 32px /* or more */; }
.ui-accordion-icons .ui-accordion-header a { padding-left: 32px /* or more */; }

as well. The icon is set to position: absolute which is why the header doesn't expand to fit the icon.

It is fairly easy to do a home-brew accordion but you would be spurning ARIA support, any keyboard accessibility built into the widget, etc.

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In my own personal experience, customizing the jQuery components is only worth-while if you are using a suite of them and are trying to maintain a consistent look & feel.

If you are just looking to create an accordion, you can certainly code one yourself that's equally as good as theirs. Here is one I whipped up a little while ago with larger icons. I'm sure it can be optimized and improved. Feel free to use/modify it as you need to.

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