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I have an interface like so

public interface IA{
    IEnumerable<IB> Items {get;set;}

public interface IB{
    int ID {get;set;}

If I try to serialize the interface I get an error

Cannot serialize interface

If I create a concrete version of the interface, I can't create a concrete version of the collection.

public class classA:IA{
   public IEnumerable<B> Items {get;set;}  //this doesn't match the interface

but if I do the below we still have the serialization problem

public class classA:IA{
   public IEnumerable<IB> Items {get;set;}
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are you using XmlSerializer? –  Bala R Apr 12 '11 at 17:32

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Are you sure you want an interface? A generic might help you with serializing IEnumerables of different types.

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I got it to work with a generic interface like IA<T> –  Kenoyer130 Apr 15 '11 at 14:56

The Serializable attribute cannot be inherited from a base class. Add it to child class and try again.

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You cannot serialize an interface --- the computer isn't lying, you know ;-)

Try using concrete types. Instead of IEnumerable<IB> try List<object> or an array.


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