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I want to retrieve all tools used by products with X = 14, how can I convert this select to LINQ?

INNER JOIN ProductTool pt ON pt.Product_ID = p.ID
INNER JOIN Tool t ON t.ID = pt.Tools_ID
WHERE p.X = 14

Is GroupJoin what I need or what?

tools.GroupJoin(products, t=>, p=>, ...)
products.GroupJoin(tools, p=>, t=>, ...)
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If you have foreign keys setup correctly, the entity framework should pick that relationship up and you should be able to simply do:

var tools = from p in products where p.X == 14 select p.Tool;

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Thanks, this enlightened me a lot... Actually it is very simple return context.Product.Where(p => p.X == id).SelectMany(t => t.Tools).Distinct().ToList(); –  BrunoLM Apr 12 '11 at 17:52

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