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I'm developing a typical "windows GUI" based app for iPhone using MONO technologies. I need to add it a little AR based functionality. It is just about opening up the camera, and show over it information regarding to business arround the user. It is possible to do so using mono? any orientation about how can I do so?


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I suggest taking a look at sean's ARKit port:

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Here is a how-to on building augmented reality apps with MonoTouch:

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Have you looked at Mixare ? Its an open source augmented reality library for iPhone & Android.

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Of course it is possible. I have created a project and works very nice. It is quite complicated and I would need three pages to explain it and, the time to do it which I do not have.

In general, you need to look into:

  • CLLocationManager for location and compass.
  • MapKit, if you want to provide reverse geocoding information.
  • Implement an overlay view over the UIImagePickerController which will act as your canvas.
  • And of course, drawing.

I hope these guidelines will get you started.

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