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How do people typically do session with WCF if this binding isn't supported in silverlight?

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I typically never do session with WCF..... what makes you think that is the "typical" case?? The recommended best practice is per-call, e.g. no session at all –  marc_s Apr 12 '11 at 18:23
The best case is that I make a 3rd party wcf for someone and want to keep it as easy as possible for them by abstracting data storage for them. Is there a better way? –  zachary Apr 12 '11 at 19:56
are you talking about WCF session or ASP .NET session? what are you trying to accomplish? –  BrandonZeider Apr 12 '11 at 20:01

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Silverlight supports BasicHttpBinding and PollingDuplexHttpBinding (if you need duplex). Check out this MSDN post.

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