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I am not an expert Wordpress PHP developer but I am not understanding this situation. I am passing a variable through a static function into the $GLOBALS variable that contains an array. That variable when in the static function is always NULL, but before it goes into it, it is a valid type and prints fine.


$badge_Id = get_comment_meta($comment->comment_ID,"badge_id", true);

   if(strlen($badge_Id) > 0) {
                echo $badge_id; // PRINTS PERFECTLY


class Cisco_Rewards {

static function add_badge_id($badge_id) {
        if(count($GLOBALS['badge_ids']) == 0) {
            $GLOBALS['badge_ids'] = array();
        echo $badge_id; // WONT PRINT, IS NULL
        array_push($GLOBALS['badge_ids'], $badge_Id);
        print_r($GLOBALS['badge_ids']); // ALWAYS HAS NULL VALUES
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You realise you have $badge_Id ... should be $badge_id – Gary Hole Apr 12 '11 at 18:25
$badge_Id or $badge_id? You've made this error in a couple of places. Perhaps consider using a clearer font in your text editor. – PreferenceBean Apr 12 '11 at 18:29
That was the answer, incorrect case!!!!!!! – Mike Flynn Apr 12 '11 at 20:35
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Instead of

if(count($GLOBALS['badge_ids']) == 0) {
  $GLOBALS['badge_ids'] = array();
echo $badge_id;


var_dump($badge_id); // to check what it contains at the very beginning of the function
if(!is_array($GLOBALS['badge_ids'])) {
  $GLOBALS['badge_ids'] = array();
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