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I have a MS Word 2010 macro-enabled document template (.dotm file). I am working on embedding some custom Ribbon UI components by means of a customUI\customUI14.xml file within the .dotm archive.

The controls show up fine, but I am unable to link up the onAction events described in the XML with any of the macros defined in the template. I think the method signatures are correct, but I must be referencing them incorrectly in the XML. What am I doing wrong?

Here's the XML:

<mso:customUI xmlns:x2="" xmlns:x1="DPOfcX.DocumentRibbon" xmlns:mso="">
            <mso:tab idQ="mso:TabHome">
                <mso:group id="TestGroup" label="TestGroup" autoScale="true">
                    <mso:button onAction="SendAsEmail.SendAsEmailRibbon" idQ="x2:TestSendAsEmail" label="Send As Email" imageMso="ListMacros" visible="true"/>
                    <mso:button onAction="SendAsEmail.ShowFormRibbon" idQ="x2:TestShowForm" label="Enter Letter Data" imageMso="ListMacros" visible="true"/>

Here are the method signatures in the SendAsEmail module:

Sub ShowFormRibbon(IControl As IRibbonControl)

End Sub

Sub SendAsEmailRibbon(IControl As IRibbonControl)

End Sub
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The problem was the idQ attributes in the button tags. I had originally taken these from a UI export. Once I changed them to id, the button events worked!

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You don't need to reference the module. Simply remove SendAsEmail. from both of your onAction.

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I had given that a shot. The callback functions aren't getting called with or without the leading 'SendAsEmail.' – AndreiM Apr 12 '11 at 18:41

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