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Im trying to print only lines that do not start with a letter from the file "main"

Ive tried sed -n '/^[a-z]/ /!w' main and it gives me "w': event not found"

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there are many other ways to print lines

sed -n '/^[^a-zA-Z]/p' main
sed -n '/^[^a-z]/Ip' main 

awk 'BEGIN{IGNORECASE=1}!/^[a-z]/' main

grep -vi "^[a-z]" main

ruby -ne 'print unless /^[a-z]/i' main


while read -r line
  case "$line" in
    [^a-zA-Z]*) echo $line;;
done < main
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What about printing say alphabets between a and z if you have them typed out in a text file –  Selase May 30 '12 at 22:42

With sed as requested:

sed '/^[[:alpha:]]/d' main


sed -n '/^[^[:alpha:]]/p' main


sed -n '/^[[:alpha:]]/!p' main

Note: you could use [a-z] inplace of [[:alpha:]] but I prefer the latter because it is safe to use across different locales

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grep -v '^[a-z]' main

will do it.

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