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I've checked out a few existing threads and seems like AR still have very small exposure. I am just thinking to start a prototype AR project, just to see how feasible it is to do it.

For starters, I am gonna try this out with Android phones. From the other threads, people recommended many different SDKs, some of them are

Obviously, I am looking for something free since I am just prototyping for now.

What are your recommendations? and suggestion on links to start learning / tutorials the basic of AR programmings (other than the associated tutorials with the SDKs) is much appreciated.


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You might be able to find good starting points by checking the Google Code open source projects. Possibly there are a couple of Augmented Reality projects out there which you will be able to peek into ;) – Luis Miguel Serrano Apr 12 '11 at 18:46
There's also a new StackExchange proposal to participate in: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/30436/augmented-reality – Stéphane Péchard May 2 '11 at 15:05

Have a look at Ferns. It allows you to do markerless AR which is much more interesting than fiducial marker based AR.

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The Qualcomm AR project has some good sample android apps. see http://ar.qualcomm.com

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Step by step tutorials : http://dev.metaio.com/sdk/getting-started/android/setting-up-the-development-environment/

Live webinars (more are being added): Fundamentals of Android with the Metaio SDK- https://dev.metaio.com/helpdesk/webinars/metaio-sdk-android-fundamentals/ Advance Session of Android with the Metaio SDK- https://dev.metaio.com/helpdesk/webinars/metaio-sdk-android-advanced/

SdK is also free to download and try on that same website under the SDK tab.

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