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I am using jPLayer to play mp3's for a project. They mp3's will be loaded dynamically from a database. I am trying to create the links that will load the selected mp3 into the player. Currently I have which does does not work. I believe I am doing something incorrectly with the click event telling what mp3 to play. If I hardcode the path it works fine but I do not want to set it up that way because there could be hundreds of media files.


         ready: function () {
            $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
            mp3: ""
         ended: function (event) {
         swfPath: "js",
         supplied: "mp3"

       $(".song").click(function() {
       $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("setMedia", {
        mp3: $(this).attr("name").val();
    return false;


        <a href="#" class="song" name="">Song 3</a>
        <a href="#" class="song" name="">Song 4</a>

This code does work but I would like to get the info from the href

$(".song").click(function() {
        $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("setMedia", {
            mp3: ""
        $("#jp_playlist_1 ul").html("
  • Lismore - MP3
  • "); $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("play"); return false; });
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    Try changing this $(this).attr("name").val(); with $(this).attr("name");

    also a good idea would be:

    <a  class="song" href="">Song 3</a>

    and then


    and of course

    mp3: $(this).attr("href")
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    hmm tried making those changes and setting it to the href and adding the preventDefault but it is still opening the link normally. edit- Actually the preventDefault(); is working it's just that the javascript in general isn't working when I have that code inserted for the mp3 – Cvongrim Apr 12 '11 at 19:34
    loose the ; in the end of the $(this).attr('href') – Mario Cesar Apr 12 '11 at 20:03
    That was it. Thank's a ton. I really appreciate it. I had a feeling I was doing something small – Cvongrim Apr 12 '11 at 20:15

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