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I don’t want any code just a how-to answer.

I’m trying to add a facebook-wall-like feature to a webapp (not commercial, only experimental).

The first thing I thought about was to store something like “1/2011-10-10/texthere,2/2011-10-10/texthere” where 1 would be the id & 2011-10-10 the date. Then I would explode it in php and have an array. (Then search for each id in the users table etc…)

But this has some problems. One would be if I have too many posts, it will be extremely heavy to a webpage and very difficult to limit results (without talking about character restriction for the array’s sake).

So I thought about two other solutions that have the pros and cons for me.

  • Use one table with 4 columns: Poster id, Receiver id, Message, Date Posted

  • One table for each user (desperate solution :))

So, should I direclty go for my first other solution or there is a better one?

Adv thanks

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The solution to your problem would be a standard Database Table.

Use a table with columns

  • PosterId
  • Wall/RecieverId
  • Message
  • Date Posted

This would be a standard database structure. Use the mysql PDO functions to access your data and place in a php array.

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What is a "standard" database table/structure? –  AJ. Apr 12 '11 at 19:27

One table per user is a bad idea. Storing different values in different columns is what databases are made for. So it's probably a much better idea! ;-)

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