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Scenario: I have a list of items whose names are being displayed. When one of the items is being clicked, an AJAX call gets fired to the server providing the item's id to retrieve the detailed info of the item. Then, a customized popup (ie. whose HTML and CSS I have done) is displayed to show the detailed info. Note that when this popup is shown the original screen should be disabled until the popup is closed.

I have the javascript functions that are used to display the popup but with static content. I suspect that I can't reuse the same approach, with minor tweaks, to have dynamic content displayed in the popup.

Q: What are the different approaches that would allow me to use my own customized popup to display dynamic content retrieved from AJAX call?

popup HTML:

<div id="pop_item" style="display:none;" class="popup_square">
    <!-- Popup Title -->
    <div class="popup_titlePanel">
    <span class="closeIcon"><a href="javascript:popup('pop_item');"><img src="image/close.jpg" border="0"/></a></span>
    <span class="popup_title">john's <span style="color:#999999">Item:</span></span><br>
    <span class="popup_title">Digital SLR</span>

    <!-- Popup Content -->
    <div class="popup_contentPanel">
    <div class="popup_content_title">Description:</div>
    <div class="popup_content_body">Nikon D90</div>
</div><!--*End* Pop up Divs-->

popup CSS:

        z-index: 9002; /*ooveeerrrr nine thoussaaaannnd*/


border-bottom:1.5px solid black;



function trigger(div_id) 
    var el = document.getElementById(div_id);
    if ( == 'none' ) { = 'block';}
    else { = 'none';}

function blanket_size(popUpDivVar) 
    var blanket_height = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientHeight, document.body.parentNode.scrollHeight, document.body.parentNode.clientHeight);
    var blanket_width = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, document.body.parentNode.scrollWidth, document.body.parentNode.clientWidth);

    var blanket = document.getElementById('blanket'); = (blanket_height*2) + 'px'; = (blanket_width*2) + 'px';

function autoPopUpPosition(popUpDivVar) 
    var window_height = Math.min(document.documentElement.clientHeight, document.body.parentNode.scrollHeight, document.body.parentNode.clientHeight);
    var window_width = Math.min(document.documentElement.clientWidth, document.body.parentNode.scrollWidth, document.body.parentNode.clientWidth);

    var popUpDiv = document.getElementById(popUpDivVar);    
    var popUpDivHeight = popUpDiv.clientHeight;
    var popUpDivWidth = popUpDiv.clientWidth;

    //alert(window_height + ' '+ popUpDivHeight);
    //alert(window_width + ' '+ popUpDivWidth);

    var xOffset = Math.max(document.documentElement.scrollTop, document.body.scrollTop); = ((Math.max((window_height-popUpDivHeight),(popUpDivHeight-window_height))/2) + xOffset) +'px'; = (Math.max((window_width-popUpDivWidth),(popUpDivWidth-window_width))/2) +'px';

function noScroll() 
    document.body.scroll = "no"; = 'hidden';
function withScroll() 
    document.body.scroll = "yes"; = 'scroll';

function checkScroll() 
  if(document.body.scroll == "no" || == 'hidden')

function popup(windowname) 

To display the popup with static content:


I hope I have made my question clear and I appreciate any help from you experts. Thanks.

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Quickest solution is to have the server-side script generate the HTML contents of the popup, send that over, and then your script simply stuffs that inside the popup's container. Otherwise you're stuck building HTML via javascript and/or filling in multiple elements with content, which gets painful fast. – Marc B Apr 12 '11 at 19:18
Are you open to Jquery? I can cut and paste a quick example if you're open to it. – bpeterson76 Apr 12 '11 at 19:21
Marc B - The HTML contents of the popup are actually generated from the server-side. But it is generated when the whole page is first loaded (ie. prior to any clicks by user). I assume what you are saying is that the HTML contents of the popup should be returned by the AJAX call after user clicks on an item. Is that right? – tamakisquare Apr 12 '11 at 21:08
bpeterson76 - Yes, I am open to JQuery. In fact, I am open to anything as I am interested to see/learn different approaches. – tamakisquare Apr 12 '11 at 21:09

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