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If a query value in URL doesn't have a key, e.g.: and an action has bool argument named update. I want that update argument to received value true if 'update' value is present in the URL, and false otherwise.


Action: public ActionResult MyAction(string name, bool update) {...}
Expected action call: controller.MyAction("Bob", true);

if URL is (notice no update)
then expected call is controller.MyAction("Bob", false);

It is not a big deal, I do know I can just get Request.Query and find values with key=null, but I want to have it done through the framework.

Where do I begin?

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 3

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Doing this through the framework would probably require you to implement your own value provider with a corresponding value provider factory and add the factory to ValueProviderFactories. You would probably implement it similar to the existing QueryStringValueProviderFactory and QueryStringValueProvider but then add your own implementation of GetValue that includes the additional logic you wanted to return true/false based on if there is a value provided for the query string key. Here is a link on adding a value provider, and check out the QueryStringValueProvider in the framework.

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