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Based on help from this site, I was able to set up a display for the person's age. But when I do something like <%= distance_of_time_in_words(DateTime.now, p.dob) %>, I get an invalidPliralizationData error, "translation data {:one=>"1 an", :many=>"{{count}} ans"} can not be used with :count => 30" My yml file has all the translations for datetime:distance_in_words_... where ... defines all the various possible occurrences.

Again help will be highly appreciated. All previous Google searches haven't been fruitful

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I think the hash keys are :one and :other (not :many). I suspect they chose this wording because :other also includes the zero case (?).

Anyway, hope that helps!

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It seems you didn't define :many in your localization file.

English has only :one and :many

If you are using :en then you should replace :many by :other.

Else if you are using another language you need to check the mapping key for 30 in config/locales/plurals.rb and define it in your localization file.

For example, 30 should be :many in :ar Arabic

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