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I have the following trait (that will be implemented by a java.util.prefs.Preferences wrapper):

trait PreferencesMethods {
  def get(key: String, default: String = ""): String
  def getInt(key: String, default: Int = 0): Int
  def put(key: String, value: String)
  def putInt(key: String, value: Int)

I created an EasyMock of it like this:

val preferencesMock = EasyMock.createMock(classOf[PreferencesMethods])

I am calling it like this in my test case:


and like this in the class-under-test:


but EasyMock complains that I have an unexpected call to "getInt$default$2": "java.lang.AssertionError: Unexpected method call getInt$default$2()"

How do I mock the default parameter?

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I think you would be better off doing partial mock with easymock or look for more native scala solution like Borachio (

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