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Has anyone used some RBAC (or other access control) in a GWT based project deployed in App Engine?
Or actually how to manage GWT-RPC calls to by role based?

Or is it easier to only "send the code" to client browser based on user's login credentials?

Ideas, libraries, all is welcome!

Thank you

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You could add a roles property to your user class:

class MyUser(db.Model):
  roles = db.ListProperty(db.Key)

class Role(db.Model):

Then, when you want to know whether a user can do something, do something like this:

if required_role in current_user.roles:

What you need to model is who is in what roles. This is a many-to-many relationship (at least, in most applications). This is one way to implement such a relationship, but there are other ways, which may be more appropriate to your situation. Here's a page that has some advice on relationship modeling in App Engine: https://developers.google.com/appengine/articles/modeling

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