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I have one borland builder window form in which is drawn an opengl item on a timer. And I want to draw this opengl item simultaneously in anther borland builder window.

Should I use Pixel Buffer Objects, or Frame Buffer objects ? with glReadPixels ? or glBindFrameBuffer ? When need I call these functions ? before my drawing or after ?

Or is it simpler to call the RC or DC of my first form in the second form ? If it is possible, how may i call it ?

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Create additional OpenGL contexts for the other windows, share the context objects using wglShareLists which also shares textures.

  • If the same view (same resolution, rendering etc.) shall be visible: Use a texture as a framebuffer object's color buffer attachment, draw to this FBO. Then draw textured quads using this texture in all the windows.

  • If different view: Render each window individually.

Please not that there is no such thing like a "OpenGL item". OpenGL deals with only a single primitive (=triangle, quad, point, line) at a time and there's no kind of persistency in a rendering.

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