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I have this object structure which comes from a service:

var response ={"results": [
{"name":"peter" , "habits":"smoking" , "imgID":"something_unique"},
{"name":"paul"  , "habits":"drinking" , "imgID":"something_unique"},
{"name":"patrick" , "habits":"gambling" , "imgID":"something_unique"}

I iterate the object and create divs which are listened to by a click event:

for(var prop in response) {
this.div.insert(new Element('div', {'className': '' })
.insert('<img id="'+imgID+'" src="/img.jpg" width=70 height=70 /> ')   

In my callback, I can access the id from the object spawned event:

function callback (event) { console.log(event.id) ; var compare_ID=event.id }

However, in my callback, I need to get the array var name for that one particular object that was clicked. So in concept, I am looking to do:

In callback, iterate response object then select the results[i] where it's imgID is == event.id return response object for further access, not just the string name.

Thanks, and like always, all help is appreciated

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You could use data-* attributes for storing number or key of object, or actual values. I think it would be helpful here.


<img id="something_unique" src="/img.jpg" width=70 height=70 data-result-number="1" />


<img id="something_unique" src="/img.jpg" width=70 height=70 data-name="peter" data-habits="smoking" />
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How would you pass dataset to an event callback? –  cube Apr 12 '11 at 21:28
For example results[event.target.getAttribute('data-result-number')] or, like in second case, just take values directly from element event.target.getAttribute('data-name'). These values are attached to the element node, so you can access them by accessing to the element with event.target. –  pepkin88 Apr 12 '11 at 21:35
Thanks, got it working using your approach. –  cube Apr 12 '11 at 22:22

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