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Importing stock qtys from ebay and importing to zencart I wish to set it up to do this automatically so that if something sells on ebay it updates the amount left in my zencart shop.

If it possible to go the other way aswell as from ebay to zencart then even better.

Does any body know of any scripts that can do this?

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As far as zen cart etc goes, sorry not a clue, but you'll want to check out the Platform Notification API - http://developer.ebay.com/products/server-notifications/

The idea here is that you set up a web service endpoint, and whenever certain events take place, eBay will contact you. The ones you'll be after specifically are EndOfAuction, or FixedPriceEndOfTransaction, but as you'll see there are a whole load that you can subscribe to. Someone may have already written modules that do this, or you might be writing your own. Really depends on how good the API for your zen cart thing is how easy that would be, we use a custom .Net solution and it was pretty straightforward. There are probably sample apps in your specific languages that might simplify the process for you as well, there certainly was a good one in C#.

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