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I have an HTML form that uses the Facebook registration plugin. I have a couple of custom text fields (the kind that are included in the iFrame itself).

Whether user prefills the form using Facebook. or enters the data himself, I am able to store all values in my database without.

At the end of my post method, I redirect to load the same page. At this point, I would like to populate the fields from the data in my database. By which I mean, if the user logs off Facebook, on this page, he should still see the data that he has submitted to my database.

How do I set values for the fields (both custom and regular fields) in the registration form?

Should I say document.getElementById('field_name').value = "hello"?

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Which technology are you using? – ArtB Jan 25 '12 at 3:24

Well it depends which technology you are using to generate the pages. That would be good to know. You most likely would have the JSP/ASP/PHP prepopulate those fields with from the data as it sends the HTML to the user.

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