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Is it possible to convert different paremeters into one object on your action?

Say from my html form, I pass in variables, "firstname", "lastname". Can I write a type converter that will convert those into a Person object on my action?

I didn't see any examples of this, and I don't see API. I don't see how I can access the value stack in the StrutsTypeConverter to get to the other variables.


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Example :

// JavaBeans
public class Person {
    @Getter @Setter private String firstname;
    @Getter @Setter private String lastname;

// Action
@Setter private Person person;

// form
  <s:textfield name="person.firstname" />
  <s:textfield name="person.lastname" />

Similar example : vaannila : Domain Object as JavaBeans Property

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I am agree what lschin said.you can use the build in OGNL and value stack combination to achieve what you want.still if u need some specific type conversion machanism here are the details from the Struts2 docs

Struts2 Type Conversion

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