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What's the best way to use ImageMagick in MonoTouch?

Adding the ImageMagickNET lib seems to produce errors during runtime, such as:

Method 'Module:CrtImplementationDetails.DoDllLanguageSupportValidation ()' in assembly '/ImageMagickNET/bin/ReleaseQ8/ImageMagickNET.dll' contains native code that cannot be executed by Mono on this platform. The assembly was probably created using C++/CLI.

There are iPhone-specific binaries available, I suppose I have to link the whole library as described here:



Thank you for your help :)

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that error answers your question for you :

in assembly '/ImageMagickNET/bin/ReleaseQ8/ImageMagickNET.dll' contains native code that cannot be executed by Mono on this platform.

A quick google tells me on the imagemagick codeplex page that you're probably using what is called a 'wrapper'.

this means that the imagemagick code itself is still non-.NET imagemagick, which will never run on your iPhone.

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First, why this does not work.

Second, what you can do about it.

Why it does not work: The library that you are using is compiled with C++/CLI compiler against the Microsoft libraries.

All managed code that you use in MonoTouch must be compiled using MonoTouch's assemblies and tools, so the above wont work for two reasons: (a) Mono lacks a C++/CLI compiler and (b) even if that existed, you would have to reference the Mono asseblies

What can you do about it: You can build ImageMagic with Apple's C compiler, and then link the resulting code into your application:


Then for each ImageMagick method that you want to access, you need to wrap it using P/Invoke, a guide is available here:


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