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How do i read in pascal a string and an integer in the same line like the C's scanf("%s %d", str, &n); version?

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I am sorry, but I am pretty sure there is no way. You must read them separated.

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Pascal does not have an equivilent of C's ...scanf() functions. You will have to either find a third-party implementation, write your own implementation, or just parse the string directly.

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Which Pascal are you talking about ? :-) –  Marco van de Voort Apr 14 '11 at 9:29

If from stdin:

  read(s); read(i);

If not, then you are out of luck for Borland's Pascal variants. Free Pascal (2.4+) inherited a variant from Apple(Standard Pascal derivative) variants that takes input from a string:


IIRC this is an Extended Pascal standard procedure that is commonly implemented by standard Pascal variants too, since it is basically a variant of the standard Pascal readln from input.

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