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Trying to create a notification mail to my clients that have invoices due.

Here is my table

Name     Amount  Duedate
Joe@blah 10.00 2011-04-13
Joe@blah 15.00 2011-04-13
Jill@ugg 20.00 2011-05-20
Jim@yuck 25.00 2011-04-13
Joe@blah 15.00 2011-05-20

Because Joe is in there twice, how do I supress the second joe, so I don't notify him twice. I'd like it to return only:


How do i do this in mysql?


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don't you need Jill@ugg ? – Priyank Apr 13 '11 at 1:28

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SELECT DISTINCTROW Name FROM Table WHERE DueDate (<=> meets your criteria of when it's "due")

Since you're only selecting on Name the DISTINCTROW will only return one instance of each Name.

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great. that works. thanks – edgar Apr 13 '11 at 13:29
SELECT DISTINCT Name FROM your_table WHERE Duedate < NOW()

SELECT syntax look at DISTINCT section

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This query should give you unique names with due date falls in past or today.

Invoicetable A,
(SELECT DISTINCT Name FROM Invoicetable WHERE Duedate <= NOW) B
A.Name = B.Name
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