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In my python shell with white background it looks like this:

white text on white background

As you can see, when there is an error, it's white text on white background. In order to see them, I have to highlight the text. I haven't got any luck finding out what face controls those colors. Anyone has any idea?


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in ~\.ipython\ipythonrc there is this section (About a 1/4 away from the top)

# colors - Coloring option for prompts and traceback printouts.

# Currently available schemes: NoColor, Linux, LightBG.

# This option allows coloring the prompts and traceback printouts. This
# requires a terminal which can properly handle color escape sequences. If you
# are having problems with this, use the NoColor scheme (uses no color escapes
# at all).

# The Linux option works well in linux console type environments: dark
# background with light fonts.

# LightBG is similar to Linux but swaps dark/light colors to be more readable
# in light background terminals.

# keep uncommented only the one you want:
colors Linux
#colors LightBG
#colors NoColor
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Ha, thanks, that did it :) –  sudo Apr 13 '11 at 4:36
@sudo you're welcome –  Mike Ramirez Apr 13 '11 at 6:28

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