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Let's say I've created an array of objects SpecialResource via

ArrayList<SpecialResource> masterRes = new ArrayList<SpecialResource>();
masterRes.add(0, new SpecialResource(3,5,0,"Foo Bar"));
.........etc etc many more adds...

Let's say SpecialResource has a method calledgetMax()

How would I reference the getMax method of array index 0? Every permutation I've guessed at is giving syntax errors. masterRes<0>.getMax(), masterRes(0).getMax(), etc.

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Well, actually, it's not an array, but a collection. And, in order to retrieve its items by index, you must use the get method:

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That's exactly what I needed. Thank you. This is a world of difference from python :) – Eric Apr 13 '11 at 3:37

Java/Android API document will help you.

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