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This morning I commited some changes on my desktop, grabbed my laptop and headed out. Checked out code, programmed some more, and commited. Now I am back at home trying to check out my changes on the desktop PC and getting "D:\foo\ is already a working copy for a different URL"

How can I get my latest code?!

I have already deleted my local source and tried checking out again as I've seen recomended a few places. No luck.

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I had to destroy everything, source files, netbeans project data (which I typically keep in a different folder), and a hidden folder called /.svn/ that was in every sub folder and contained BASE.svn files.

Once I got rid of all of those I was able to download from my repository. I believe it may have worked if I simply got rid of the netbeans project data and the /.svn/ folder.

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