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Can anyone point me to a robust motion detection sample/implementation? I know EMGU has a motion detection sample, but its not very good, even small changes in light will be falsely detected as motion. I don't need to track objects. I am looking for a way to detect motion in a video that will not be falsely triggered by changing light conditions.

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Have a look at AForge. Everything you should need is there (though you'll need to spend some time putting it all together), and it has a robust community if you need specific help.

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I concur with nizmahone. use Aforge:

Here is a link with soem motiond etection in C#:


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I've seen this, this is simple background/foreground extraction. If a cloud should pass you'll get crazy "motion" detected everywhere. –  Shachar Weis Apr 13 '11 at 18:23

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