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I understand the difference between embedded and referenced relationships in mongodb. By why do you need them in the first place?

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MongoDB documentation has a section on this including a discussion on "why would I not want to embed this object?"

Sometimes it's a question of the maintenance effort required to embed copies in each document, sometimes it's simply impossible to embed because of the limits on document sizes.

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This question is really being asked ten times a day on IRC and various mailing lists. It's documented in depth on the MongoDB site (see above), various blog postings and talks and presentations. Basic research appreciated.

In addition: various SO postings deal with that:

MongoDB Schema Design - New Collection or Reference?

Mongodb schema design

MongoDB Schema Design - Many small documents or fewer large documents?

mongodb schema design for blogs

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As well as the 10gen resources this is a really great intro to MongoDB, the little MongoDB book is an excellent & quick read along with the interactive guides.

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