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I'm trying to use Massive "dynamic ORM" by Rob Conery to query my DB (working GREAT so far). Ran into a problem when I added a Geography field to my tables.

Here's the error: UdtTypeName property must be set for UDT parameters

Update (14Apr2011): The ADO method that is throwing the exception is .ExecuteNonQuery(); Here's the method from Massive.cs that throws the exception:

    public virtual int Execute(IEnumerable<DbCommand> commands) {
        var result = 0;
        using (var conn = OpenConnection()) {
            using (var tx = conn.BeginTransaction()) {
                foreach (var cmd in commands) {
                    cmd.Connection = conn;
                    cmd.Transaction = tx;
                    result += cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
        return result;

The specific line that throws it is: result += cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();

Here's the important bits of the table:

  • PlaceId - bigint PK
  • Name - nvarchar
  • GeoLocation (Geography type - as a Point)
  • ...

It's hard to find any others out there using Massive, but I did report the error on Massive's GitHub Issues tab. You can view the source code for Massive here.

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I'm not sure how best to integrate this into Massive, but basically you need to do exactly what the error says:

yourGeographyParam.UdtTypeName = "Geography";

Basically SQL Server needs you to explicitly name the UdtTypeName for the "weird" parameters:

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