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Hi I need to turn the html of a partial into a json object (NOT TO BE RENDERED), but to be stored in a seperate format.

Something like this:

  @json = (:partial => "/answers/likers" ,:type => :html)

Although the above obviously does not work, but hope you get the point, thanks!

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Try render_to_string. It takes the same arguments as render, and just returns a string instead of outputting the data.

It looks like it's being deprecated but I can't find any new method that provides that same functionality for Rails 3. I tested it on a local Rails 3 setup, though, and it works for me. If anyone knows the "new" way to do this in Rails 3 please let me know, I'm interested now :)

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great answer, thanks! – ming yeow Apr 20 '11 at 9:19

Rails has a .to_json function. However, I never used this together with a partial ...

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