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I have more tables and I want to merge that some table for getting result.....

How can I do?

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Views is just some sort of "stored query". It can be defined as:

CREATE VIEW viewname AS SELECT <the rest of select query here>

More details at msdn:

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CREATE VIEW [dbo].[warehouse] AS SELECT dbo.warehouse_master.w_id, dbo.warehouse_master.w_name, dbo.stock.item_name, dbo.stock.stock FROM dbo.stock INNER JOIN dbo.warehouse_master ON dbo.stock.w_name = dbo.warehouse_master.w_name –  S PATEL Apr 13 '11 at 5:37


The rest of teh syntax is in ..... the documentation.

And this question is neither related to C# nor C++. It also does not care what you ate for breakfast. SQL works with strings the server interprets, and the langauge has no matter how the server does that.

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