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The sample NotesList(given by google,see it here: Note Pad) shows how to use intent filters.

In NotesList.java,this activity create a option menu and the menu add menu items based on available activities that accept an intent like this :

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu){

    // Create an Intent that describes the requirements to fulfill, to be included
    // in our menu. The offering app must include a category value of Intent.CATEGORY_ALTERNATIVE.
    Intent intent = new Intent(null, dataUri);

    // Search and populate the menu with acceptable offering applications.
         R.id.intent_group,  // Menu group to which new items will be added
         0,      // Unique item ID (none)
         0,      // Order for the items (none)
         this.getComponentName(),   // The current activity name
         null,   // Specific items to place first (none)
         intent, // Intent created above that describes our requirements
         0,      // Additional flags to control items (none)
         null);  // Array of MenuItems that correlate to specific items (none)

    return true;

The detail of this content is like this:

Action:null Type:null Data(uri):content://com.google.provider.NotePad/notes Category:android.intent.category.ALTERNATIVE

I want my activity to be included in the menu,and the intent filter of my activity is like this:

<intent-filter android:label="hello filter">
                <action android:name="android.intent.action.INSERT" />
                <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT"/>
                <data android:scheme="content" android:host="com.google.provider.NotePad"
                    android:path="notes" />

it does not work.while if I change data into : < data android:mimeType="vnd.android.cursor.dir/vnd.google.note" / >,it works.

It puzzled me because according to intents-filters:

An Intent object that contains a URI but no data type (and a type cannot be inferred from the URI) passes the test only if its URI matches a URI in the filter and the filter likewise does not specify a type. This will be the case only for URIs like mailto: and tel: that do not refer to actual data.

The intent in notesList only contains a URI(content://com.google.provider.NotePad/notes) and no data type,in My first intent filter,The uri matches the intent's uri,it should work but no,any one can explain why?


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You quoted the right paragraph, it says "This will be the case only for URIs like mailto: and tel: that do not refer to actual data.". But the the content: URI definitely refers to data, therefore you have to specify the type.

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actually if i specify the type and uri at the same time,it won't work,instead ,if i only specify mimeType like this :<data android:mimeType="vnd.android.cursor.dir/vnd.google.note" /> ,it will work,that's why I felt puzzled. – DiveInto Apr 14 '11 at 12:12
Actually with content:you don't need to specify the type from the docs (developer.android.com/guide/components/intents-filters.html): However, the MIME type can sometimes be inferred from the URI—particularly when the data is a content: URI, which indicates the data is located on the device and controlled by a ContentProvider, which makes the data MIME type visible to the system. in the case of a content: uri the type is supposed to be infered from the ContentProvider – forcewill Oct 13 '14 at 14:31

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