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I am using the following code to add a series of calls to the body parameter of a page in asp.net:

uxBodyTag.Attributes["onbeforeunload"] += 
  "ajaxRequest('UnlockQuery.ashx?QueryID=" + queryId.ToString() + 
  "&UserID=" + Session["UserID"].ToString() + "');";

This is being rendered as:

<body id="uxBodyTag" onbeforeunload=

The &amp; means my ashx page is not retrieving the correct variables - how can I stop asp.net from doing this?


Using Server.UrlEncode gives me the following:

<body id="uxBodyTag" onbeforeunload=

Which is far worse.

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In HTML the ampersand needs to be encoded, always, everywhere, also in attribute values (the contents of the <script> tag is the notable exception, obviously). ASP.NET does the right thing.

Attribute values will be unencoded by the browser before it actually uses them. So your onbeforeunload attribute has a literal value of:


while the HTML representation needs to have the &amp; in place of the &. The browser usually understands the ill-encoded version as well, but an SGML parser would complain about an unknown/invalid entity named &UserID.

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The behaviour you are seeing with & encoded as &amp; is the behaviour you want. By the time the text gets to your ajaxRequest function it will have been unencoded again and everything should be fine.

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I'll check that - it seems I may have another issue at the moment, and this was the most obvious likely cause –  cjk Feb 19 '09 at 10:06
A simple test is just to replace ajaxRequest with alert, you'll then see that your URL and query string is intact. –  andynormancx Feb 19 '09 at 10:08

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