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I am working on iphone news application, I want to display tableview which are having single section and ten rows just after splash image and after clicking any row want to display TabBar which have five to six tabBar items. Please anybody help me how to do this.

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I am assuming that you have two viewControllers (first)one for tableView and another (second)viewcontroller where you will display tabbarController.

Now in in second viewControlers xib you drag n drop UITabBarCotroller from library using IB. In app Delegate create a reference for this viewController and also make it as property so that you can access it. also initialize it in didFinishLaunching method of appDelegate.

and in first viewController's didSelectRowAtIndexPath(delegate method of UITableView) access second viewController from appDelegate. and push(if your first viewcontroller is navigation based) or present it.


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