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I build a one-to-one relationship within rails with a date based condition, which means only the order of today should be returned.

  has_one :todays_order, :through => :patient_orders, :source => :daily_order ,:conditions => ["order_for_date = ?", Date.current]

Lets say for yesterday there is a todays order but today there should be no todays order because there doesn't exist a order with a date equal to the date of today.

This only happens when I call a controller and get a json response with that data included. If i try to reproduce that within the console it behaves right and gives me nil as value of todays order. My environment is development.

Another curious thing is, that after a server restart the todays order will returned right, so it seems that there is something like caching active. Could that be?

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The best way is to load your association query passing it a true value:

# Example

Or you can try wrapping the query in this kind of block:

ActiveRecord::Base.uncached do
  your query

or forcing the cache to clear:

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and how can i do that when I'm rendering json? e.g. respond_with(@course_orders, :include => :orders) –  LeonS Apr 13 '11 at 7:43
The problem is the query that generates @course_orders it should be something along the lines of: @course_orders.todays_order(true) –  tommasop Apr 13 '11 at 7:48

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