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I am used to visual studio debugger(its really good) and I have to debug a program running on linux(in C++) from my windows machine. Can anyone suggest how to debug remote program running on linux from windows

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You need a debugger that will run on win and on linux, not sure if that exists... – Tony The Lion Apr 13 '11 at 7:01
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  • Install an X-Windows server on your windows machine, there are quite a few alternatives (e.g. cygwin/X).
  • SSH to the linux machine with X forwarding enabled, or setup your X server to accept connections from your linux machine and manually setup the DISPLAY on the linux machine.
  • Install and run e.g. ddd on the linux machine - it'll display on your windows machine
  • debug
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For console based programs, you're going to want to look into gbd. It's a command line utility, but with a bit of knowhow, it's every bit as capable as Visual Studio for tracking down a problem. You could start your program over a remote SSH session and debug it this way. This might even work for GUI based applications that you were viewing over a VNC connection.

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