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How to get and parse JSON using objective C?

Recently I have discovered JSON can be used to send data to iPhone.

In my application there is lot of communication between the server so I construct lot of objects (classes) in various places. Currently I am manually constructing my classes from the data I get from json.

Is there a framework or source code that does this conversion automatically after all we know object information we get from the service. I can pass the class structure and it will create a Array of those objects from json data.

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Import the framework, send the JSON string -[NSString JSONValue] and you'll get back either an NSDictionary or an NSArray.

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I am already using Now this is returning NSDictionary or an NSArray. What I am doing now is manually processing contents of NSDictionary or an NSArray and initializing my own classes in this project. What I wanted to know is a way to automate that process also. For example after getting data related to persons into NSArray, can I say “this is the structure of person class”, now give me NSArray of persons. – Janaka Apr 15 '11 at 6:19

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