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I have started working on a joomla project from the middle and can't contact the previous programmer. The site I'm working on has a form that is displayed on the front page but entering the module doesn't give details about how to edit the form - it's a module of type "mod-form" but no parameters for the module. is it probable that an extension is used or that is a joomla built-in form? (is there such a thing?)

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You can search for the form code in 'joomla folder'/components/com_contact/ And for the colors,positions you can search in your template directory for the css file, and edit the values referring to the form, like inputbox, input.button and etc.

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A module to display a form is most certainly connected to a component that allows you to administer the forms. Take a look in the Components in the admin, there is likely a component there for that purpose. The standard Joomla install does not have a mod_form so this is definitely an extension.

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