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I was going through Bill Venners book that describes about JVM... I could see some references about various Java platform:

  • the Java Personal Platform (for consumer devices)
  • the Java Embedded Platform (for embedded devices)
  • the Java Card Platform (for SmartCards)

I thought of looking at details of these platform on Oracle site, I could see details about the Embedded platform, but there is nothing I could see about the Personal/Card platform. Is the information provided in the book stale?Or am I missing something?

I would just like to see specification/System requirements for various Java platform including 'Embedded', 'Card', 'Personal' and any other platform available in the market?

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Yes, it is stale. In general the platform-specific details in any programming book that is more than 10 years old, as this one is, should be considered probably out-of-date. –  Robin Green Apr 13 '11 at 7:52
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OK.. Following Oracle's website I could see list of Platforms/SDKs available in Java.

Apart from SE, ME and EE, there are:

  • Java Embedded
  • Java FX
  • Java Card
  • Java TV
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