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i'm newbie in uboot and tftp programing

based on this url, there is how to make if statement like this if imi $addr; then echo Image OK; else echo Image corrupted!!; fi

and this is my "if" :

=> setenv a true
=> printenv a
=> setenv b true
=> printenv b
=> if a b; then echo 'same';fi
Unknown command 'a' - try 'help'
=> if $a $b; then echo 'same';fi
Unknown command 'true' - try 'help'
=> if ${a} ${b}; then echo 'same';fi
Unknown command 'true' - try 'help'
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I am not sure if it is in all u-boot versions or not, but there should be a test command for comparison. Can you try:

if test "${a}" = "${b}"; then echo "same"; fi

Unfortunately I don't have access to u-boot, so this is all from memory.

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yup it's correct... i've try this, if echo a b; then echo 'same'.. but before echo same, it also echo a & b variable... thanks... – Warung Nasi 49 Apr 13 '11 at 9:22

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