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Using the new QueryOver API in NHibernate, I need to do something equivalent of:

select c.*
from Category c
where not exists (
    select *
    from CategoryProduct cp
    where cp.CategoryID = c.Id
    and cp.ProductID = 'DogFood'

In other words: "Give me all categories that doesn't contain dog food".

My initial thought was something like:

IEnumerable<Category> FindCategoriesWithoutProduct(Product product)
    return _session
        .Where(c => c.Products.Contains(product))

However, this makes NHibernate.Impl.ExpressionProcessor blow up with an "unrecognised method call" on System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<T>.Contains().

I assume there must be some other way to do this, probably involving an ICriterion, but my searches here and on Google have returned nothing useful.

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Not tested, but something like this

IEnumerable<Category> FindCategoriesWithoutProduct(Product product)
    CategoryProduct categoryProductAlias = null;
    var subQuery = QueryOver.Of<CategoryProduct>(() => categoryProductAlias)   
        .Select(x => categryProductAlias.ID)
        .Where(() => categoryProductAlias.ProductID == "DogFood");

    Category categoryAlias = null;
    return _session
        .QueryOver<Category>(() => categoryAlias)
        .WithSubquery.WhereProperty(() => clientAlias.Id).NotIn(subQuery)
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Where is the "cp.CategoryID = c.Id" restriction? Shouldn't you have a "Where(() => categoryProductAlias.CategoryID = categoryAlias.ID)" in the detached query? – psousa Apr 14 '11 at 8:12

I'm just running in the same problem, and possible solution is:

Category aliasCategory = null;
CategoryProduct aliasCategoryProduct = null;

var qcp = QueryOver.Of<CategoryProduct>(() => aliasCategoryProduct)
          .Where(() => aliasCategoryProduct.ProductID == "DogFood")
          .Where(() => aliasCategory.Id == aliasCategoryProduct.CategoryID)

return _session.QueryOver<Category>(() => aliasCategory)

It works on my similar criteria.

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Thanks! This got me up and working! – Reaction21 Aug 29 '12 at 7:02
Cannot use subqueries on a criteria without a projection. It requires some kind of projection (i.e. select clause) – Sajjad Ali Khan Apr 7 at 6:09
Actually, there is selection. Look at QueryOver.Of<CategoryProduct>... Of<CategoryProduct> defines projection. – vllado2 Jun 15 at 15:02

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