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I have a documents that's displayed in a non-editable JTextField , and I want to enable users to search within this document.

I already figured out I could use a custom JTextField for input , and use the HighLight painter to mark the occurrences - But I couldn't help but feeling that this seems like such a common problem that maybe there's a component that does it much better then I can (like cycling through the results, highlighting them in different colors , ignoring case...)

Do you know of any such thing?

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SwingX comes with complete search support (in a JEditorPane only, sigh: note to myself - how about the other text components?)

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The Swing book (by Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev) has a great chapter on Constructing an HTML Editor Application which shows you how you can implement "Find and Replace".

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Great example , thanks! – Yossale Apr 13 '11 at 13:12

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