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I have a small issue with integrating uploadify with zendframework. I have found a lot of posts about this issue but none of them able to help me.

in uploadify script when I use this

'script': '/uploadtest.php',

It works perfectly alright.

but when I use this and call a action in controller like this.

'script': 'http://zendbase.local/asset/asset/addedit',


'script': '/asset/asset/addedit',

It does not work.

while above url is accessible directly. but somehow swf uploadify is not calling this url successfully while it shows me bar with 100% success.

Any idea?

edit: I have tried this solution mentioned at

'script': '<?php echo $this->url(array('module' => 'asset', 'controller' => 'asset', 'action' => 'addedit')) ?>',

but gives me a error "Message: Cannot assemble. Reversed route is not specified."

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I had problem with the same error

cannot assemble. reversed route is not specified

The solution, like they wrote in zend manual

"Since regex patterns are not easily reversed, you will need to prepare a reverse URL if you wish to use a URL helper or even an assemble method of this class. This reversed path is represented by a string parsable by sprintf() and is defined as a fourth construct parameter:"

$route = new Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex(
    array( ... ),
    array('year' => 1),

I found the solution in this thread

Zend community thread

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I figure out the solution. It was stupid mistake. my controller was not accessible for every one and it was returning the login page as response. so I change the rights in my ACL and it works fine. I recommend Charles Proxy ( for debugging which helped me a lot to read the response from swf call.


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