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I would like to know if there is capability in Sonar to collect Code Metrics data from other sonar.

The thing I would like to achieve is that say suppose there are 10 sonars running on 10 different machine.

And I have a sonar running on my machine which would pull the data from all the other 10 sonars and display the same. So, that I don’t need to check each individual sonar.

Appreciate any information or help on the same.

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Hello You should rather ask this question on sonar user mailing list: http://www.sonarsource.org/support/support/

Maybe I did not understood correctly your question but I think you can solve your problem by using a single sonar instance, running build & analysis processes on 10 different machines. In my company, like in many others, we are using hudson/jenkins to schedule sonar analysis on many different machines. Each hudson node will inject quality measures on the same single sonar database. This is done easily using sonar hudson/jenkins plugin. Hope it helps

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What about using the webservice api interface?


http:// server-address:9000 / ...

... /api/resources - all projects ... /api/metrics - all metrics


so it does not seem too difficult

for fetching in java see http://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Using+the+Web+Service+Java+client

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