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How can I rename the name of a browser helper object. The normal information in the properties of the dll are all fine. However when I open Internet Explorer to view the Addons the name of my Addon is NameIEBHO Class

  • The DLL is signed
  • The VERSIONINFO is set (it includes CompanyName, FileDescription, FileVersion, InternalName, LegalCopyright, OriginalFilename, ProductName and ProductVersion)

What do I have to modify to change the name shown in Internet Explorer?

The Information in How can i set the name of IE Extension (BHO In IE) did not help

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This information is stored in .rgs file in your project. Look for a string like

ForceRemove {29DFE920-26AD-4377-8FCB-0E7A34A41199} = s 'NameIEBHO Class'
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thanks :) i found it myself by trial and error. A great place to put the name of a plugin. – innotune Jun 30 '11 at 11:53

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