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When I use:

Inflector::slug("My Lovely & long slug");

On my local server I get:


When I use it on my server I get:


What gives? This issue is also affecting all my cache names which I assume are using the Inflector class. Any help appreciated.

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Going to use a workaround function for what i need but it still screws with my cache entries: –  woodscreative Apr 13 '11 at 12:43
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2 Answers

looks like to different versions of cake? ive seen this reported before but dont have any references for you. Tested on my server for ~ 1.3.6/7 and it works as expected.

if the versions of cake are the same try and do a 'git bisect' which will give you an answer pretty quick


seems to do with your PCRE libraries installed on the server that are older etc. give them an update and all should be fine

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I'm using cake 1.3.8 both local and server side. –  woodscreative Apr 13 '11 at 12:24
see update ^... –  dogmatic69 Apr 13 '11 at 12:38
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So I made my own slug for now.

function permalink ($string = '',$length = false)
    $string = strtolower($string); // All lowercase
    $string = preg_replace('/[^%a-z0-9]/',' ', $string); // Remove garbage
    $string = preg_replace('/\s+/','_', $string);
    $string = preg_replace('|-+|','_', $string);
    if ($length) $string = substr($string,0,$length); // Limit string length?
    $parsed = trim($string,'_'); // Trim pre and post trailing delims
    return $parsed;
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