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Given this map

SortedMap<Integer, String> myMap = new TreeMap<Integer, String>();

Instead of a for loop is there a utility function to copy first N items to a destination map?

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I haven't check but I wouldn't be surprised if some Google Java API had a one-liner to do just that :) – SyntaxT3rr0r Apr 13 '11 at 11:59
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Maybe, but not as part of the standard Java API. And: the utility would use a loop inside.

So you'll need a loop, but you can create your own "utility" by doing it all in a static method in a utility class:

public static SortedMap<K,V> putFirstEntries(int max, SortedMap<K,V> source) {
  int count = 0;
  TreeMap<K,V> target = new TreeMap<K,V>();
  for (Map.Entry<K,V> entry:source.entrySet()) {
     if (count >= max) break;

     target.put(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
  return target;

The complexity is still O(n) (I doubt, that one can achieve O(1)) but you use it like a tool without "seeing" the loop:

SortedMap<Integer, String> firstFive = Util.putFirstEntries(5, sourceMap);
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There's SortedMap.headMap() however you'd have to pass a key for the element to go up to. You could iterate N elements over Map.keySet() to find it, e.g.:

Integer toKey = null;
int i = 0;
for (Integer key : myMap.keySet()) {
    if (i++ == N) {
        toKey = key;

// be careful that toKey isn't null because N is < 0 or >= myMap.size()
SortedMap<Integer, String> copyMap = myMap.headMap(toKey);
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You can use the putAll(Map t) function to copy the items from the map to specified map.But it copies all the items. You cannot copy fixed number of items.

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