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i'm starting up in titanium and i successfully created an app, or i thought so....

i launched application in iphone and the code is working fine with no issues.

but wen i deployed the appin android my application is going into infinite loop of creating windows.

all the code works fine until i used this piece of code in creating a new window of tabs..

var win=Ti.UI.currentWindow;


var win_zipsearch=Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundImage:'goldmenubackground.jpg'});
var win_search=Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundImage:'goldmenubackground.jpg'});
var win_fav=Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundImage:'goldmenubackground.jpg'});
var win_morerest=Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundImage:'goldmenubackground.jpg'});

var tabgroup1=Ti.UI.createTabGroup();

var tab_nearby=Ti.UI.createTab({title:'Near By',window:win});
var tab_zipsearch=Ti.UI.createTab({title:'Zip Search',window:win_zipsearch});
var tab_search=Ti.UI.createTab({title:'Search',window:win_search});
var tab_fav=Ti.UI.createTab({title:'My Favourites',window:win_fav});

var tab_morerest=Ti.UI.createTab({title:'More Restaurants',window:win_morerest});


my aim was to create a window of tabgroup insted it is creating a loop of window creation with tabs in it.

i have to uninstall the app to stop it's loop of creations.

please help

i cant find any error in the code .......

FYI: i created some other sample windows and they are working fine.

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tab_nearby looks fishy, it looks like you're trying to set tab window to the main window. I suspect that this creates a new main window for your tab and thus it executes the same steps again and again. P.S. I have never touched Titanium (-. – Audrius Apr 13 '11 at 11:55
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you cant take your currentWindow, win and stick it in the TabGroup the way you are.

also would need to see more of the code that is calling this .js file to pinpoint the exact problem; but I think that is the start of your problem

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